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Dancer & The Dame

Directed by Gabriel Sabloff
Written by Tommy Blaze
Starring Billy Gardell, Eva LaRue, David A. R. White, Michael Badalucco

Rick Dancer (Billy Gardell) was the finest detective on the force until a would-be bust went awry and left the famous detective picking up the pieces of a lustrous reputation. Reduced to sorting mail, Dancer hit rock bottom. When a friend’s computer whiz son is mugged in a parking lot, Dancer suspects there is more to the story. Joined by an unlikely partner, a police dog named ‘Princess’, Dancer gets back into the detective game as the two begin an unsanctioned investigation. When clues start to point to an old nemesis, Dancer and Princess must learn to work together to take him down. As the team gets closer and the stakes get higher, it’s do or die for the duo if they are to finally close the case and conquer their troubled past.

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